business letters of recommendation
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Maui Petrolium / Jim Haynes

Robbins Research Institute / Tony Robbins

Pinnacle / Mique Quenser

SouithWestern Bell / David Gillamore

Noh Foods / Raymond Noh

P.Taylor Public Relations / Terry Freites

Comcor / Jeff Greenhoe &Lauri Doerschien

Jerry L. Chang Realtors / Jerry L. Chang

Fletcher Pacific Construction / T. Schroder

Rippers / David Morken & Robert Kiyosaki

Selected quotes from clients:

"I only know of about ten people in the country that are doing what you are with planning."
Frank Carney, Founder, Pizza Hut

"...One of the more accomplished and competent planning consultants in the U.S."
Marshall Thurber, founder, Burklyn Business School

"An amazing combination of military planning & management technology with NLP.
This processess totally worked for me and I reccommend it to anyone doing any project of any kind."
Antony Robbins, Robbins Research Institute

"I'd like to acknowledge you and your staff for your continued efforts to support other businesses in learning the AMP process. You are definitely adding value to the business community."
Hawaii State Representative, Jerry L. Chang

"I would highly recommend your counseling services to anyone planning a new business, as well as to anyone with an established business who wants to become more effective. Results, not promises, are the proof that your services work. Thank you."
Teri Freitas, President, P. Taylor Public Relations

"GSI achieved 126% of its projections. The AMP process allowed us to achieve those goals without the 'crisis management' usually associated with growth in business."
Rob Gagnon, GSI Solar Industries

"We thank you for keeping us 'on track' and we appreciate your patience, understanding, concern and presence with our rapid growth. You most definitely were an instrument in having us constantly aware and committed to our goals."
Dave Morken, Morken Manufacturing Corp. / North Sails

"Our experience to date has been superb! This project has been greatly enhanced and simplified thanks to your AMP planning strategies. Our entire staff has been amazed at the lack of stress in completing all details, and we have been able to utilize our time efficiently and pleasurably.
Dr. Wm. Babbitt, Dental HealthCare Centers