Most companies in the U.S. use their accountant for planning.




The Magic Catalyst:
We create the blueprints for your successful future.



You Create More Wealth Save Money, & Manage Better.



Projects are on time and within budget.

It Is Astounding.

Ask any business person if they think planning is important. Most will say, "Yes." Ask them if they think that they plan sufficiently for their business, and they will roll their eyes a little - or more. Its true, isn't it?

Planning is the one of the most commonly used and mis-understood words in business today. Frankly people just don't know enough about planning to know what is currently available and the value it holds for them.

In a recent study designed to determine the most important management needs facing private companies, 550 executives responded that when they do turn to outside professional groups, an accountant is the primary business advisor. Next are bankers and attorneys.

But for state-of-the-art planning and management, one of the most important aspects of business, they don't look outside! In the rare cases when they do look to outside help, they look to an accountant. An accountant is accountant...not a planner!

The Pacific Planning Institute specializes in operational planning and management for companies large and small. We have developed a unique new approach to planning. It combines the latest in communication and management technologies with computer assisted project planning and management systems.

The Magic Catalyst

We start by literally creating the final moment of success -- your project's successful completion. Then through modern linguistic technology, we recreate exactly what it took to get there. We direct a mental dress rehearsal of your project.

The network-based graphic management documents that result from these information gathering processes become a literal project manager. They allow scheduling, resource usage analysis and tracking, cash flow analysis and tracking, provide an ability to do if-then-else scenarios, and a host of other state-of-the-art management practices. You know what you are doing and projects come on time and within budget.

It's Astounding...


What is your ultimate Vision for your company?






How long? Who?

How much?


- the glue of all projects.








In business, good planning results in more profit.

LONGE RANGE Stratigic Thinking & Planning:

We call it "Dream / Vision Crystalization" - DVC

This is the "Big Picture". What is the ultimate vision for your company?

Here, through a process that we call "Visioneering" - the engineering of vision - we help you 'remember' your future in rich descriptive detail. We create a linguistic rendering of what that future will look like, feel like, sound and smell like. This becomes the compelling vision around which alignment and synergy can congeal, and the foundation for the operational action plan.

OPERATIONAL Project Planning:

Operational Planning is the next step, the "nitty-gritty" of the process.

It's the "what do we want", "what do we need", "how will we get it", "who will be responsible", "how much will it cost", "how much time will it take" of the project.

We call this part the "glue" of the project. Without trained assistance and more importantly, an "outside" objective point of view, it is the part of planning that is most commonly treated lightly or just plain left out. When this process is completed, the project is completed in the mind's eye -- not just the final goal, but the process of the whole project. The only thing left to do is the work. And you know exactly where to start.

THE Pacific Planning Institute Advantage:

Our Project Planning & Management features new information-gathering technology with several definite advantages:

The project team comes together on a plan that is, by group consensus, realistic and attainable.
Task responsibilities are assigned, accepted, and agreed to. Everyone knows of their part.
Everything is "on the table".
The project plan is presented in a clear, systematic form that everyone can understand and follow.
The plan provides a framework for "if-then" scenarios to evaluate alternative courses of action.
Quality information and information systems make the job of management easier.
Better management leads to more efficient projects which leads to more profit.

In business, failing to plan IS planning to fail.


to discuss your current project and/or needs. There is no charge or obligation for this.
We'll lay out everything that PPI Planning Process and Management Systems can do to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Selected quotes from clients:

"I only know of about ten people in the country that are doing what you are with planning."
Frank Carney, Founder, Pizza Hut

"...One of the more accomplished and competent planning consultants in the U.S."
Marshall Thurber, founder, Burklyn Business School

"An amazing combination of military planning & management technology with NLP.
This processess totally worked for me and I reccommend it to anyone doing any project of any kind."
Antony Robbins, Robbins Research Institute

"I'd like to acknowledge you and your staff for your continued efforts to support other businesses in learning the AMP process. You are definitely adding value to the business community."
Hawaii State Representative, Jerry L. Chang

"I would highly recommend your counseling services to anyone planning a new business, as well as to anyone with an established business who wants to become more effective. Results, not promises, are the proof that your services work. Thank you."
Teri Freitas, President, P. Taylor Public Relations

"GSI achieved 126% of its projections. The AMP process allowed us to achieve those goals without the 'crisis management' usually associated with growth in business."
Rob Gagnon, GSI Solar Industries

"We thank you for keeping us 'on track' and we appreciate your patience, understanding, concern and presence with our rapid growth. You most definitely were an instrument in having us constantly aware and committed to our goals."
Dave Morken, Morken Manufacturing Corp. / North Sails

"Our experience to date has been superb! This project has been greatly enhanced and simplified thanks to your AMP planning strategies. Our entire staff has been amazed at the lack of stress in completing all details, and we have been able to utilize our time efficiently and pleasurably.
Dr. Wm. Babbitt, Dental HealthCare Centers