February 3, 1992

Randolph Craft
Advanced Management Planning
974 Mokulua Drive
Lanikai, Hawaii 96734

Dear Randy:

When you and I first worked together at the close of 1989, my business was little more than just a good idea. Your planning services enabled me to take the necessary steps to turn my dream into reality. The uncomfortable but crucial process of working backward from a goal has helped me to set a steady rate of,growth for my company, and incidentally, myself.

P.Taylor Public Relations is now entering its third year of business. My client list includes names such as the Maui Community Arts & Cultural Center, the Estate of James Campbell, Loomis & Pollock Advertising Inc., Azeka Place Shopping Center, other small businesses, and a number of individuals. In both 1990 and1991, my company surpassed the goals which I set for each year. 1992 has barely begun and even in the midst of a national recession, my company has already been contracted for 80% of this year's work. Had it not been for your instruction, I don't see how I could have gotten this far, this fast.

I would highly recommend your counseling services to anyone planning a new business, as well as to anyone with an established business who wants to become more effective. Results, not promises, are proof that your services work. Thank you.


With Aloha,

Teri Freitas

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