To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Randolph Craft
Pacific Planning Institute, Inc.

Several years ago it became apparent to me that the vision for our company's growth and future prosperity was based upon several key capital projects. I cast around for a year or two attempting to find training programs that would educate Maui Petroleum in the necessity of project planning so that we could adopt planning into our corporate culture. I considered taking a class on the Mainland but was unable to fit it into my busy schedule, Serendipitously, I found in Maui Community College curriculum that a planning course was taught by a Mr. Randolph Craft.

I contacted Randy and we agreed to hold an in-house two-day seminar. Fifteen of my key employees were invited and we began the process of inoculating our company with planning as a culture. During our seminar, the group listed 15 important projects that represented significant opportunities for the growth of our three businesses: Maui Petroleum, Hawaii Petroleum, and Minit Stop Stores. We had been fumbling through several of these. projects, but most of them hadn't commenced and were only a vision.

We retained Randy for three months during which he assisted us in planning high priority projects and most importantly tutor and mentor a company employee to now be our planning leader. Our planning leader is now a full-time job. We schedule weekly planning sessions and have already completed several planning projects that were identified on our master list at the initial seminar. Currently, we have five major projects in varying stages of completion. Randy has trained us in using several planning tools; specifically, in interviewing project resources and using project management software.

Planning is the essential ingredient to turn hopes, dreams, and visions into action and reality. I can strongly recommend Randy Craft as a consultant to train employees (individually and collectively) in the necessity of planning the action steps to achieve the desired results. Mindset and procedures that we have learned will save our companies hours of frustration and a considerable amount of money by avoiding unplanned events and wasted resources.

I am available for any questions that you may have to support Randy Craft as a planning consultant coordinator. My phone number is (808) 877-6141.


Jim Haynes II



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