To: Randolph L. Craft

Advanced Management & Planning, Inc.

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Reference: CSI Conference

From: Timothy G. Schoder

Date: June 3, 1996

Pages Incl Cover Sheet: 2


Thank you for the short condensed version of your Two Day Seminar on P.E.R.T. Charts that you provided in about a half hour at our meeting on Saturday night.

I have come away with some foundation information and a great concept that I will use and refine for CSI and for my own work. The concept of thinking about it as a party made alot of sense, then inviting the guests and presents needed (nouns) the how we are going to get them? (verbs) This concept right or wrong is going to help in alot of thought processes. By thinking of what I want at the and then working on the means is also part of this great concept. I had previously known about org. charts and flow charts but this party idea has hit home.

Attached is a copy of the PERT chart I spontaneously put together at Sundays meeting. This will be the basis of the one I plan to create and issue to al I other committee chairs so we can have a visual picture of the road map to success. This PERT stands for Party Evaluation and RSVP Training.

I may actually be using the Planning Chart as an Organizational chart but I have spring boarded off the Ideas you described.

It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again.


Timothy G. Schoder

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