April 24, 1984

Mr. Randy Craft
Advanced Management Planning Systems
974 Mokulua Drive
Lanikai., Hawaii 96734

Aloha Randy,

          I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a tremendous learning experience, and to express my thoughts on your CGS PERT Seminar.

          PERT has proven to me to be an excellent tool to accomplish any given task or project in a very organized, efficient and accelerated fun way. It helps me visualize my project's objectives, ,progress and accomplishments at a glance. It has given my projects a sense of reality, even before it starts. It sets me in a mood of forcasting any problems that may occur along the way, giving me a sense of power, knowing that I am in control at all times. When behind schedule, warning signs pops up to signal where I should be concentrating my efforts to meet my objectives and time table.

         I'd like to acknowledge you and your staff for your continued efforts to support other businesses in learning the PERT process. You are definately adding value to the business community.


                                     Jerry L. Chang




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