Founder: The Arts of Craft, Inc.
PPI, the Pacific Planning Institute, Inc.,
Founder / President:
AMP, Advanced Management & Planning,
The Fuller Edutainment Company, Inc.,
Producer and director:
True Wealth", "The Essence of Genius"
Founder / COO:
The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center
Author: "
Mana Cabbage" "Quality Team Management" "True Wealth"

Randolph Craft comes from a richly varied professional background. Born in the mid-west in 1946, he became an entrepreneur at the age of eight selling cook books door to door. He was class president several times during his youth and won many awards in debate, extemporaneous speaking, and drama. Undergraduate work was at the U. of Illinois, and the U. of Hawaii. He has worked professionally as an entertainer, was in the Honolulu restaurant industry for 10 years, participated in the real estate and securities industry, and in 1971, founded The Arts of Craft / Architectural Aesthetics which provides interior architectural design and construction services as well as gallery art and "Jewelry for Buildings" in Hawaii, USA, and Asia. Much to his credit, he became one of Hawaii's successful artists, producing paintings and sculptures which are commissioned and sold internationally. This work continues via The Artos of Craft.

In 1982, he combined the powerful project management tool, P.E.R.T. with linguistic and communication technology gleaned from studies of Synergetics with Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller and work with his client, Antony Robbins. This combination of newly-developed and widely-divergent sciences proved to be a next step in planning technology, and formed the foundation for Advanced Management & Planning and the AMP / PPI service products.

In 1985-86, Mr. Craft served as vice president and director of planning for ExxpoMedia, Inc. an interactive video information service. This assignment required the planning, coordination, and development of communication systems for and between the hardware engineers, software developers, audio-visual, creative, and financial elements of the project. This proved to be a valuable introduction to the high-tech world of "Silicon Valley."

Growing computer integration then offered another opportunity to create new business systems and tools. TRAX®, a powerful computer-driven automated sales and marketing system was the result. TRAX® was introduced in early 1987, and has since been used by clients internationally. The 3/6/95 issue of INFOWORLD carries a headline story, "Opportunity Management Starts to Catch On."

In 1987 the study of Deming based quality programs began. This was followed in1989 by a move to New York to co-found Team Technology Inc. and to study personally with Dr. Deming at New York University. Team Technology, Inc. facilitates change through the implementation of Quality and Team Building programs.

Management skills have been developed in the process of bringing individual projects from concept to completion, and from working with several "Fortune 500" companies in the Northeast.

He has had the honor to professionally share the stage with Vaughn Beals, Larry Wilson, Tom Peters, Tony Robbins, John Denver, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Haung Ming in China, +++.

Professional strengths combine a great ability for creative problem-solving, and a results-oriented approach to business. His business philosophy stems from his history as an artist: "Business provides just another set of conditions to which one can respond creatively and aesthetically to produce a desired result. I like to think of business as another form of art."

The Fuller Edutainment Company., Inc. is an educational meadia production venture producing "edutainment" for the education and business markets. It is based upon his extensive video documentary of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, Dr. Fluller's work, and its application to current global socio-economics. In addition to media production, he teaches and lectures internationally on such topics as Leadership, Planning, Sales Automation, Synergetics, "True Wealth," Education, NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Deming-based Quality Management, and The Generalized Principles of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

Since 1999, he has been working and teaching extensively in China, Malaysia, Sinapore, Taiwan, Indonesia ++. His knowledge of these business cultures is vast.

In l969 he was named a "Rock Age Renaissance Man" by the Honolulu Star Bulletin. A 5 decades+ resident of Hawai'i, he lives on the "Big Island" of Hawaii where he enjoys riding his Harley, sailing, and surfing his outrigger canoes.

"May the Gentle Tradewinds of Paradise
Fill the Sails of Your Life..."